Knowing How to Deal with Teenage Tantrums

Published: 25th February 2009
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Teenage mood swings and indeed teenage tantrums are considered to be a normal part of growing up; this doesn't however mean they are easy to deal with! Overnight your normally nice, polite child can turn into a sulky, sullen rebel but just how do you deal with this?

The best approach that you can take is to remain calm and civilised. Think back to when you were a teenager and remember all the feelings of confusion and frustration that you were going through. By doing this you will be able to try and have more of an understanding of where your child is coming from. This doesn't however mean that you should put up with rude, obnoxious or damaging behaviour. What you do need to do is try and maintain a good relationship with your teen. This is because communication is key to getting through these awkward years.

So find a way to spend time with them, maybe you both have a favourite TV programme that you could watch together or you could schedule in time for a family meal every night. Even just talking whilst giving them a lift to school can help to maintain a decent relationship! Get to know them as a person; understand their likes, dislikes, hopes and ambitions. This is so important as you don't want to find yourself cut off from them as they won't bother telling you anything anymore.

The cycle of teenage tantrums is something that could last for months but in many cases they go on for the entirety of the teenage years. They involve teenagers and young adults rushing to grow up while they are still clinging to particular childish ways. This creates confusion for both parents and teenagers. They want to be seen and treated like adults but they still tend to exhibit childish tempers. To put it simply; everyone's patience is going to be tested during these times!

The teen years represent a time in children's lives where they are discovering who they are and growing into themselves as a person. This can be exhausting and frustrating for both of you and may lead to you feeling that you constantly keep going on at them. To help you cope with this better and to maintain your parent child relationship you should assess issues so that you can take the best course of action and be able to explain your actions. For example discipline the more important issues but let the less important ones go. So if your teenager is always late home you should talk to them, explain why this is a problem and take the necessary action to stop this behaviour continuing. However if they are leaving their room in a mess; let this go. By taking on this routine you will make life easier all round because teens do need some space; they are a lot more likely to respond well to you if you give them some leeway.

Understanding, setting boundaries and communication are all so important to maintaining a healthy relationship with your child during their teens. By applying these concepts the tantrums will be a lot easier to deal with, making your entire living environment much better to cope with.

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